Alumni Spotlight: Jerred Cook Promoted to Head Coach at Westcliff University

Alumni Spotlight: Jerred Cook Promoted to Head Coach at Westcliff University

CYPRESS, CA- Chargers men's basketball alum (2013-15), Jerred Cook has climbed the ranks at Westcliff University. After one season at Westcliff, Cook has been promoted to head coach at the young age of 26. Cook was named captain during the 2014-15 season for the Chargers and went on to play NAIA basketball at Bellevue University in Omaha, Nebraska.

While at Cypress, Cook was the Chargers' second leading scorer, averaging 11.2 points per game to go along with 2.1 assists per game in his sophomore season. Jerred was named honorable mention sophomore year and was in the top ten in the state of California shooting 48% from 3-point range freshman year. After two seasons with the Chargers Cook moved into the Cypress College top 10 all-time for career 3PT FG made, 3PT FG attempted, 3PT FG%, and FT%. 

Cook played two seasons for the Bellevue Bruins, and helped lead the team to the national tournament both years reaching the final four in his senior season. He was named a Daktronics Scholar Athlete of the year in both seasons that he suited up for the Bruins. Cook graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Health and Human Performance.

After leaving Nebraska, Jerred worked as a camp counselor and commissioner at UCLA's day and overnight basketball camps. As an Assistant Player Development Coach to Rico Hines, he has worked with many college and NBA players to help enhance their development and overall skill set. Some of the players include Montrezl Harrell, Thomas Bryant, and 2018-2019 Most Improved Player Pascal Siakam. 

Q: How did Cypress impact your career and push you to coaching at the next level?

A: "I had a unique situation where I left Cypress for a semester to play at Northern Arizona University. When I returned to Cypress to play for Coach Drew I immediately felt welcome with open arms from all the coaches and staff. I took an KIN course with Coach Mohr and I was able to create a great relationship with her as well. Cypress taught me alot about how to pursue my career and prepare for the next level."

Q: Are there any tools you learned from Coach Drew that you're looking to implement at Westcliff this upcoming season?

A: "I enjoyed the small details of the day to day while playing under Coach Drew. On game day Coach Drew and the assistant coaches always worked out and played pickup with the red shirts, and that is something that I have implemented at Westcliff. I like the comradery it brings to the team and it allows me to get back on the court with my players." 

Q: What was your best experience as a Cypress Charger?

A: "I had two games my Sophomore year that were the most memorable of my career. The first was a game against Santa Ana where I shot 9-of-10 from three and finally found my shooting groove. I was hot that night, but we ended up losing the game at the buzzer. The second was on Sophomore night where I was the only returning sophomore on the team. Coach Drew called four or five straight plays for me to start the game and I am pretty sure I knocked down every shot. It was a great way for me to go out and end my Cypress career." 

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