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Student-Athlete Success Center

Being a student-athlete is very challenging. They are often not just students and athletes, often they have numerous obligations that pull them in many directions outside of the school environment. In order to address our student-athletes' academic needs we provide them with academic advising in our Student-Athlete Success Center. The advisors in the SASC are here to help student-athletes with the increased rigor of the academic curriculum as they transition out of high school and into college. We take pride in supporting our student-athletes and their individualized needs. 

The SASC also acts as a base for student-athletes to unwind, relax, and hang out with their fellow Charger athletes from the 14 programs we offer. 

We offer laptops and printing capabilities as well as many of the necessary supplies they may require. 

We are located in GYM II, second floor, next to the Cypress College Athletics Hall of Fame. 

We are open Monday through Thursday, 9a - 7p. 

Services We Provide

  • Support student-athletes with their individualized academic needs
  • Daily check-ins to determine strategies for understanding and completion
  • Establish individualized study and work strategies based on their strengths and needs
  • Proofread assignments, help with professor feedback, and when appropriate provide feedback to help update and revise assignments
  • Cypress offers numerous learning resources and we encourage our student-athletes to seek additional support