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Women's Volleyball, Mary Hicks, Commits to San Diego Christian College

Women's Volleyball, Mary Hicks, Commits to San Diego Christian College

Cypress women's volleyball star, Mary Hicks, has committed to continue her education and athletic career at San Diego Christian College following the 2021 season. The San Diego Christian College Hawks are apart of the Golden State Athletic Conference and compete at the NAIA level in Santee, California. 

Mary Hicks has been a part of the Cypress College volleyball program for one season where she competed on the indoor team in the fall, as well as the beach volleyball team in the spring. Hicks is a six foot tall middle blocker and outside hitter from Fullerton, CA where she attended Sunny Hills High School. In her senior season at Sunny Hills, Mary earned First Team All-League and MVP while leading her team to the CIF playoffs. As a true freshman at Cypress, Hicks led the team with 246 kills and earned Charger of the Week for her performances against Irvine Valley and Orange Coast where she racked up 18 kills in both matches. Hicks was rewarded with First Team All-OEC honors after scoring a team high 278.5 points during the 2019 season.

Interview with Mary Hicks

Q: Why did you choose San Diego Chiristian to continue your career?

A: "I chose San Diego Christian for multiple reasons. To start off the coach along with the girls were so welcoming when I first arrived for my visit, which made it alot easier to talk with the girls and the coach about anything I had questions on. Then when I went to visit the school, I immediately felt like this was such a homey campus along with a very wonderful staff that I got to meet!"

Q: What skills will you take from Cypress and Coach Nancy that you will apply to the next level?

A: "Some skills I will definitely bring from Cypress to this new school, would be to stay disciplined on keeping my grades up by going to the library for any help I need or just to keep myself focused on my studies. From Nancy, I will definitely be bringing that hard work and discipline which I strive to have on and off the court. Not only that, but also the ability to have those fun moments with the team and coaching staff because ultimately we are all there for a main goal and that is to win, but we can't forget about keeping the game fun."

Q: What was your most memorable moment as a Cypress Charger?

A: "My most memorable moment would have to be when we played Fullerton College at their home gym. It was a super close game that was getting intense and competitive, which made for some really good rallies. That wasn't my favorite part of the whole game, my favorite part was my team and coaches coming together at the end of that long game and celebrating together, because up until that moment we had been working hard since we lost to them at our home gym. All the hard work payed off, so all those practices made it worth it."


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