Open Zoom Session with the Athletics Department, May 19th

Open Zoom Session with the Athletics Department, May 19th

The Cypress College Athletics Department will hold an open Zoom session on Tuesday, May 19 from 1:00pm-3:00pm. 

All student athletes, coaches, staff, alumni, and fans are welcome to join. The open session will be informal, providing all with an opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback, or simply discuss how things are going during COVID-19 times. 

Breakout rooms will be available for current student athletes to get 1-on-1 treatment with Athletic Training, schedule an appointment with an Athletics Counselor, discuss financial aid standing inquiries about admissions/records, or to address any questions with our Athletic Director and Eligibility Specialist. 

Please direct any questions regarding the Athletics Open Session to Wes McCurtis, Athletic Director at

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