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Cypress College Athletics Mourns the Loss of its Biggest Fan, Sonia Travers

Cypress College Athletics Mourns the Loss of its Biggest Fan, Sonia Travers

Cypress College Athletics is mourning the loss of Sonia Travers, a longtime friend of the Chargers who passed away suddenly in early September after a pulmonary embolism. Travers was a constant fixture at Charger events and around campus for many years. She would often be seen at games handing out water to athletes and coaches, while assisting the athletic programs in a variety of ways.

“The Cypress College family has lost one of our staunchest supporters,” said Cypress College President Dr. Bob Simpson.” Sonia Travers embodied the true spirit of Cypress with her enthusiasm and loyalty.  Her smiling presence was a joy to those who knew her.  I will miss her Wednesday visits and her gentle reminders that my candy jar was getting low.  She will be remembered always as a Charger through and through.”

 “Sonia was so keyed in to Charger Athletics that she would often call to let me know we had a game that week because she wanted to make sure I was aware and going to be there,” noted Athletic Director Bill Pinkham. “

“You wouldn't believe the messages and voicemails I got from coaches, fans and former Chargers this past week regarding the passing of Sonia, the No. 1 Charger fan,” said Head Women’s Basketball Coach Margaret Mohr. “Many people spoke about walking in the gym and it not being the same without a warm greeting from Sonia. A coach who had been coming to our tournament for 23 years made the statement that there are many things that change in community college basketball and the nice thing is Sonia was a constant at Cypress College. Many current and former players were devastated to hear the news because she meant so much to them and was such as part of their playing experience at Cypress. She will be sorely missed.”

Teresa Sestito, the women’s equipment manager, was assisted by Sonia every Wednesday and said “Sonia was always in a good mood, on time and a responsible, good worker. She was such a big help when she came in to work and I’m going to miss her being my Wednesday helper.”

A celebration of Travers’ life will be held on Saturday, Sept. 27 at 7:00 pm at Light and Life Christian Fellowship, located at 5951 Downey Ave., Long Beach 90805. Those attending are asked to wear sports jerseys and hats in honor of Sonia’s love of sports.

Cypress College Athletics will pay tribute to Sonia with a permanent memorial near the facilities she loved to visit.